How the properties of PTFE TEFLON® ADHESIVE TAPES lead to its uses?

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Good planning is always beneficial, that is the reason why most of the time a plumber carries Teflon tape with him whenever going to fix a loop or attach a new bath spout. It is also a common practice, when the shop keeper advises the customer to buy Teflon Tape when he has gone to purchase different fittings for installation of products. PTFE TEFLON® ADHESIVE TAPES are one of the most important and widely used materials in the industrial and household fittings. 

The Teflon tapes can withstand high temperatures and are weather and UV resistant, they tightly bind two substances together. Due to its properties, PTFE TEFLON® ADHESIVE TAPES are used in various applications. Different thickness may be needed in different applications depending on the materials being joined. Even different colour of Teflon tapes like white, yellow and others are available in the market having different strength and thickness.

Uses in various industries and at home

The PTFE TEFLON® ADHESIVE TAPES are resistant to harsh chemicals and do not tear or break causing leakages. It is often used to seal in water and gas leakages too. Due to its great electrical performance and durability, Teflon tapes are used in electronic industry. The electricians use it to secure various wires and electrical lines. It is a good insulator for wires and systems.

Teflon tapes are an important element in automobile and coating industry. In automobiles, Teflon tapes are found in brake systems, engines, oil filters, fuel hose etc. While during coating surfaces, paint and Teflon tapes are attached to reduce the wear and tear on the load bearing surfaces. It is also added in pipes and fittings to reduce damage due to excess temperatures and pressure.

At home, PTFE TEFLON® ADHESIVE TAPES are used in wirings and fitting, in rooms, kitchen and bathrooms. All types of PTFE TEFLON® ADHESIVE TAPES are available at Canada Plastic, in different sizes along with the standard roll 40” wide x 36yds long on 3” core. To view the product visit
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